Ask your MP to back the ban on bee-harming pesticides

Right now, 3 neonicotinoid pesticides (neonics) are banned in the UK and other European countries after they were found to pose a risk to bees. 

But the ban isn't permanent and is under constant attack from pesticide firms and the National Farmers' Union (NFU).

At the start of 2017, the NFU made an application to use neonics on British oilseed rape fields sown this year. But the details of the application are being kept a secret from us.

A review of the ban is currently taking place. We hope the outcome will be a permanent ban - good news for our bees. But even if we get a stronger ban in the EU, Brexit means the UK could decide to scrap the ban when we leave.

To protect our precious bees the UK government must say no to the NFU and back a permanent and comprehensive ban on neonics.

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Three years ago the use of some neonics was restricted across Europe because they were found to pose a "high acute risk" to honeybees.

The scientific evidence for the threat to all bee species is overwhelming. And now they're implicated in the decline of butterflies and birds too.

Last year an application by the National Farmers' Union to use neonics on oilseed rape crops was backed by pesticide firms but rejected by the government.