Get bee-harming pesticides out of garden plants

A new scientific study has uncovered a cocktail of bee-harming pesticides in garden centre plants.

It found some retailers are selling garden plants laced with toxic neonics, including plants labelled as ‘pollinator friendly.'

B&Q announced that its flowering plants will be free of neonicotinoid pesticides (neonics) from next year. This is fantastic news for our bees and gardeners. 

We need other retailers to follow B&Q, urgently investigate their supply chains and commit to banning bee-harming pesticides from their plants.

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Three key neonicotinoids (neonics) have been found to pose a ‘high acute risk to honeybees’, which resulted in a Europe-wide ban three years ago on crops attractive to bees. Since then the evidence has grown, and they’ve been found to affect bumblebees, other pollinators, and even birds.

The scientific evidence for the threat from neonics is now overwhelming. We need to have a permanent ban on neonics for all crops – including garden plants bought by consumers who want to do their bit to save the UK’s bees.

Please ask the other two major retailers to help get neonics out of garden plants.